Well Im posting from the iPhone as we just finally decided on our next step. We were scheduled to fly back to LA tomorrow but neither of us are truly ready for that reality. So we must journey to the airport tomrrow as changes have to be made in person (grr Delta) and change our departure date to allow another 3-4 weeks to explore Brazil. We need more time in Rio for sure but we also plan to head North. To be continued….

4 Responses to “Extension”

  • Jolissa Says:

    As much as I was looking forward to your return (& roof top party) I am so happy that you guys are staying! There’s nothing going on here that wont wait for a few more weeks…months…whatever. :)

    I miss you like crazy but must insist you keep on going. Enjoy!!! MUAH!

  • Marion Says:

    I have enjoyed reading about your trip. be safe and enjoy your extened stay…

    Love you, Marion

  • Elijah Says:

    :) The traveling bug has bitten. Enjoy.

    I’d tell you to come back when you’re good and ready, but I would actually like to see you both again in the US someday…

    That said, Jolissa is right on - don’t hurry back.

    Hope 3-4 weeks more gives you some satiety.

  • Bodhi Says:

    Haha, true…the “whenever you’re ready..” tack may be years into the future! We ran into this one guy who’d been traveling for 2.5 yrs and was truly “afraid to rejoin society” (his words). So we see that as the far extreme in that direction. I only regret that we will miss one more month of summer in California! You got $4000 you can spare? ;)

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