Sick Day


Monica and I had our first (and hopefully last) case of food poisoning.  The really surprising thing was that this was from a proper restaurant, not a street vendor!  The food tasted delicious, there were other people in there (all tourists though), and it all seemed fine.  We went to bed, and things went bad.  We suffered through the night before last (night of the 4th) spending time paying penance to the porcelain god and feeling miserable, barely able to sleep.  For a while, I really thought it was the meat Monica had in her dish, but then I got hit as well and there’s no good explanation other than that their kitchen surfaces aren’t clean and something bad was in there.  The whole of yesterday we lay in bed, sleeping for hours at a time, then waking, then sleeping.  All we could muster was leaving the room to buy some juice and water.  After a fairly solid sleep last night, we’re pretty much over it today, though we are still really weak.

We knew this was part of the package, and it was to be expected in not-so-industrialized Bolivia - the Bolivians themselves don’t even drink their tap water!  We were just a little shocked that it went down like this.

It’s just a reminder of how fragile we really are.  A few million bad bacteria and we’re down for the count.

Needless to say, no pictures were taken yesterday…

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