A day to see Valparaiso


We’re having breakfast in our “hospedaje” (subtly different than hostels) in Valparaiso. Today we get to go out and see the very picturesque city set against the hills and the port. Our neighborhood is right in the center of the best looking part. The tiny streets are lined with houses of many different colors, and it’s quite the bohemian arts area as well. The couple of restaurants we poked our heads in last night were very artsy and cool, and we had delicious food at Alegretto.

This day is about seeing the town, taking pictures, and maybe a harbor tour. One of Pablo Neruda’s houses is here, too, so we might see that. Then it’s off to Santiago and a night bus all the way to San Pedro de Atacama way up north. The driest place on earth.

I’ve decided in the short time I’ve been in Valpo that I love it, and I would certainly come here on sabbatical to write my book, make my album, paint my masterpieces, etc

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