BoBo para mi


In the barrio of Palermo, one of the more swanky neighborhoods in BA, is a gem of a restaurant called BoBo. It´s also a boutique hotel but at $90 or so per night…that´s far beyond a splurge for us (we are paying just $15 a night) haha.

Anyway, Bobo is very chic and aesthetically caters to the minimalist (me). Clean lines, white linens, soft leather booths and a friendly staff willing to chat with us in both English and Spanish. Per their website, the food is a combination of Mediterranean elements, Argentine flavor and some Asian influence in the details. I could go on and on about the flavors exploding in my mouth with each bite and the wine pairing which perfected the meal, BUT it was the dessert that was the true highlight! We shared a banana brulee in a coco crust paired with rum ice cream…Oh My God!!! Photos should be visable below.

Each dish was truly a work of art.

Total cost for dinner and wine: $45 (excluding tip)


3 Responses to “BoBo para mi”

  • Jones Says:

    hey, what’s going on here? fancy meals, wine, deserts that I cannot pronounce..this sounds like a luxury vacation. where’s the party?

  • Casey Says:

    Better than Spaghetti Factory sherbert??

  • margie Says:

    Monica - this is reminds me of when I had you and Al write for the newsletter and I had you describe the restaurants in Sacramento. ah mi dios!

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