Not all buses are treated equally


The bar was set high (real high) on our bus ride from B.A. to Iguazu Falls. We were served wine, whisky and champagne all within the first 30 minutes of our 15 hour ride. We watched a few good movies, snuggled up with blankets and each other in our plush seats and slept soundly through the night.

Ok…NOT the case from the Falls to Mendoza people….not the same. We of course made the most of the experience BUT it was not pretty. They wouldn´t even give us blankets. Champagne…ha…try orange soda 3 hours into the ride served with some white bread. Good thing we brought our own bottle of wine (and some sleeping aids) with us on board.  It was an adventure to say the least and will likely end up being our longest ride of the trip (36 hours).  Ah good times.

High standards

High standards

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