¡Nuevos amigos en Buenos Aires y en el mundo!


With new friends from Academia Buenos Aires at Cafe Tortoni

With new friends from Academia Buenos Aires at Cafe Tortoni

On the night of Friday June 12, we went out with new friends from spanish school at Academia Buenos Aires.  The picture is us in a famous old cafe in BA which is over 150 years old.  It is famous for tango, of course, and many greats have spent much time here.  Ironically, the two friends that motivated this as the meeting place never showed, but we had wine here anyway and enjoyed it before heading out to the next stop.

In the picture are Toby, from England, me and Moni, Alicia, from Australia, Gys, from Canada, and Anthony and Anna from US (Minnesota).  Of course there were many other cool folks we met at the school as well.  One of the greatest things me and Moni liked about the school was the feeling of community they have successfully fostered there.

After Cafe Tortoni, we cabbed over to San Telmo (our ‘hood) to look for food.  After a few attempts, we ended up in a Uruguayan chivito restaurant.  It had the feeling of a tourist college bar, and the food to match, i.e. terrible and you need beer to choke it down.  But whatever, we were there with some friends and just out to have fun.  We enjoyed getting to know each other some more, talked about how we might be able to visit each other again in various parts of the world, and wrapped up about 1 a.m.  For added excitement, the power in the restaurant went out randomly as did several others on the block, and they brought out candles.  At least it ended the annoyingly loud live music from inside which they charged us extra to “enjoy” with our meal.  I did enjoy the spanish version of Piano Man, though.

Down to 3, Moni, me, and Gys wandered to our favorite cafe (which are really more like bars here) El Federal and had porto and a bottle of wine to cap off the night.  Of course we end up in a philosophical conversation about life at 3 in the morning :)  This is what makes traveling so special!  Thanks Gys for the special times and sharing your culture with us!

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