Palermo Stencil Art

This post is just a smattering of some of the graffiti I’ve spotted so far.  Graffiti and Street Art is one of my “themes of the journey” that I am most interested in.  I’ll be posting more.

Spotted in Palermo

Spotted in Palermo: "One cannot kill ideas"

A French Canadian friend I met in Spanish School in Buenos Aires helped me translate from the original French.  It says: “One cannot kill ideas”  Word.

Very reminiscent of Banksy's style..maybe his?

Very reminiscent of Banksy's style..maybe his?

Spotted this great piece on Thames in Palermo as we were walking to Moni’s favorite restaurant Bobo.  I took a long-exposure shot with my camera rested on a table.  The rat screams Banksy, as does the pig style, but I’m not sure.  Any help identifying this one is appreciated :)

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