Jul 20 2009

Lima for a day


We arrived in Lima this afternoon and will be here for about 36 hours before flying to Brazil tomorrow night.  Good food and new friends will be our focus for these few hours in Lima. We are going to hit the town tonight and tomorrow the BEST Peruvian ceviche awaits me at my favorite restaurant, La Mar.  Probably Beyond the Shoestring!

Below is a pic from last night (Mon, July 20).  Dinner was amazing too!  It was at a place called Tanta, and it’s actually another restaurant by Gastón Acurio, this famous chef who is a co-founder of La Mar as well!  (La Mar is the cebicheria we ate at today and that Monica was so looking forward to in Lima!)

A night out with our Perviuan friends. The bar was called La Noche in the barrio of Barranco.

A night out with our new Peruvian friends. Wendy is on the left, and Florivela is on the right. The bar was called La Noche in the barrio of Barranco and they had some good live latin jazz going.

Jun 9 2009

BoBo para mi


In the barrio of Palermo, one of the more swanky neighborhoods in BA, is a gem of a restaurant called BoBo. It´s also a boutique hotel but at $90 or so per night…that´s far beyond a splurge for us (we are paying just $15 a night) haha.

Anyway, Bobo is very chic and aesthetically caters to the minimalist (me). Clean lines, white linens, soft leather booths and a friendly staff willing to chat with us in both English and Spanish. Per their website, the food is a combination of Mediterranean elements, Argentine flavor and some Asian influence in the details. I could go on and on about the flavors exploding in my mouth with each bite and the wine pairing which perfected the meal, BUT it was the dessert that was the true highlight! We shared a banana brulee in a coco crust paired with rum ice cream…Oh My God!!! Photos should be visable below.

Each dish was truly a work of art.

Total cost for dinner and wine: $45 (excluding tip)


Jun 9 2009

Beyond the Shoestring



Traveling on a shoestring budget is by far one of the best ways to find adventure, meet the locals, hear the music and soak up the spirit of South America. However….a girl needs to be a girl and splurge and indulge from time to time.

The Beyond the Shoestring category on the right side of the home page highlights our experiences where we blew the day´s budget. You would too…!